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2021-01-18 16:28  

A Letter to all International Students


Dear Students,


Happy new yearWish you everything is going well.


The cold winter is about to end, and the warm spring is coming. 2020 with tribulations has passed, and 2021 full of hope is coming.As the winter vacation is coming and Chinese Spring Festivalis approaching, School of International Education of Panzhihua University would like to extend holiday greetings and New Year wishes to all students.


Dear students, the merciless novel coronavirus has entangled mankind for the year throughout, which has had a terrible impact on human life. You have to live at home and learn online. All your teachers share your strong desire to return to the university, and they are very concerned about your study, life and health. School of International Education is hereby sending a letter to all students to wish you a peaceful and lucky holiday. We would also like to remind you of the following matters.


1. Period of winter vacation. The winter vacation is from January 18th to February 24th.The return time of international students is subject to the global situation of COVID-19, and will be further informed when the Chinese government issues an official notice allowing international students to enter China.


2. Strengthen the awareness of protection. At presentthe global pandemic situation is still severe, and winter is the season of high incidence of infectious diseases.Please be sure to improve your awareness of pandemic prevention and control, strictly abide by the requirements of your government for pandemic prevention and control, and do a good job in self-protection. Students staying on campus must abide by the university's pandemic prevention and control requirements: wearing masks scientifically, washing hands frequently, going out less and no gathering, etc.

3. 牢守安全思维:百善文明为先,万思安全最重。无论是在家还是在学校的同学,任何时候都要将安全放在首位,严防网络和电信诈骗;出行注意交通安全;用电用火安全需牢记。

  3. Keep a safe mind. Civilization is the first of good deeds, while safety is the most important awareness. Students no matter at home or at campus should put safety in the first placeat any time, prevent network and telecommunications fraud, pay attention to traffic safety and keep in mind the safety of electricity and fire.

4. 倡导健康生活方式保持良好的卫生习惯,维护个人和居住环境卫生;保持健康生活方式,早睡早起,作息规律,不通宵熬夜坚持体育锻炼保持营养均衡,增强身体抵抗力加强心理健康保健意识,调节好自己的心情,保持积极向上的良好心态。

  4. Advocate a healthy lifestyle. Develop good hygiene habitsand maintain personal and residential environment hygiene. Keep a healthy lifestyle, keep early hours, work and restregularly and avoid staying up all night. Insist on physical exercise and maintain balanced nutrition to enhance body resistance. Strengthen mental health care consciousness and adjust the mood to maintain a positivemind.

5. 增强社会责任感肆掠全球的疫情再次证明人类就是一个命运共同体,任何人、任何国家都逃避不了地球上的大灾难,所以我们必须并肩守望,共同担当。同学们在做好自我防护的同时,应该主动参加社会公益活动,共同抵抗这场没有硝烟的战争

  5. Enhance social responsibility.The global pandemic has proved again that mankind is a community with a shared future. No one and no country can escape from the catastrophes on the earth. Therefore, we must support one another and bear responsibilities together.Students should protect yourselves, at the same timetake the initiative to participate in public service activities and fight against the pandemic.

6. 珍惜时光练就本事:少年辛苦终身事,莫向光阴惰寸功。愿同学们安排好寒假时间,合理作息,多为父母分担家务事,安排更多时间学习,做好你的职业生涯规划学好汉语,掌握扎实的专业知识,为你的理想自律,自律了,你的理想一定会实现!

  6. Cherish time and enhance ability. Hard working in youth benefits all the life, so we should utilize every minute to realize our dreams. Students are expected to make good use of the winter vacation time, work and rest regularly, share more housework, and spare more time on study for a beautiful future. You are also expected to learn Chinese well and firmly master  professional knowledge. In order to realize your dreams, all the students should discipline yourselves.


Dear students, we firmly believe that as long as we unite as one and work together to prevent and control the pandemic, we will bring the global pandemic under control as soon as possible.The beautiful and vibrant university is waiting for you to return soon.


   May you all good health, happy holiday and family reunion!                  


School of International Education

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation


January 18, 2021

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